Visiting the Islands

Island of Molokai Hawaii

There is no question that one of the top destinations for a lot of people to check of their list is the state of Hawaii, which represents the only true tropic location that lies within the United States borders. Although Florida may do as a tropic location, especially in the areas that are down by Key West, nothing is quite like hitting the beach in Maui or slipping off the shore in Oahu to check some fish out of the south shore. Scuba diving Oahu is world renowned on the south shore. You will see more fish than anywhere in the world.

Each island is conducive to different things, as Maui is known as the major tourist island, Oahu is known for Honolulu and Waikiki, which basically serve as the dominant tourist location, which features the most modern day amenities. Kauai is a more secluded and relaxed visit, which most people on their honey moons prefer to visit and is an island where people go to get away from everything, although the north side of the island has amazing surf as well. The big island is one of the least visited islands of the four main islands that are typical tourist destinations, but there are plenty of things that can be found to do on each and every island.

Hands down, the thing that most people think of when they think of Hawaii is the ocean and the things that people do in the area circle around this idea. Surfing was invented in the Hawaiian Islands and few people know that surfing on the mainland actually started when a handful of surfers from Hawaii descended upon the west coast and took up surfing around the area of Santa Cruz. You likely have associated Hawaii with Surfing, due to the fact that Hawaii possesses some of the most spectacular waves in the world. Pipeline is without a doubt the most recognized and respected waves in the world and there is no question that one of the biggest reasons that people put Hawaii on their map is to head to the north shore of Oahu to take their turn at the biggest and best waves on the planet. Keep in mind, if you want to come to this area to surf some of the best waves in the world, there is a pecking order that the locals follow, which you will inevitably come to realize if you think you can just fly into the area and start getting waves. That being said, the islands have become one of the biggest tourist’s destinations in all of America, as well as the world and there are a ton of accommodations that can make your trip absolutely amazing.